Cazedis' Services

1. Our Qualified and responsible network of suppliers

Ordering through CAZEDIS means a lot of time and stress saving! We provide the right products, at the right prices, at the right time, delivered on schedule and in good quality! We bring you the best selling items of retail Markets in a complete, organized, easy to order Product Collection!

2. A customized Order Follow Up

We have dedicated a qualified team to customer's order follow up, in accordance with your specifications and your needs. Our team is totally dedicated to you and will provide you all the necessary information for your furnishing department to follow order.

Being close to our customers is one of our assets. We can serve you fluently in French, Spanish and English ensuring smooth communication and complete understanding.

3. Quality Control On Products & Packaging

Our team of Qualified and Experienced Quality Controllers will use their knowledge to the inspection of your orders. We inspect goods in factories at every key step of your product development and production line.

Our experience of both in-shop and online retailing allows us to optimize packaging options from ultra-safe mail-to-order packaging to cheaper in-bulk and to maximize loadability options

4. Customized Logistics solutions

5. Shooting Ambiance Pitcures - Ready to fill in your catalogue

Because we know that very good quality pictures are a key selling element for catalogs or online shops, we organize shooting for you in cooperation with our partners' factories and with our visual consultants. We can shoot packshot or ambience pictures based on your needs and we probably already have ready to use High Definition pictures!

From the day you place your order, your products are ready to sell online and to put into a catalog !

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